Dare to draw: summer intensive studio class

Monday January 16 - Saturday January 21, 2017

The basis of this course will consist of a set of structured observation exercises exploring strategies and techniques for drawing basic forms. Learning to draw spheres, cylinders, and cubes in black and white are foundational skills. Strategies, techniques and historical examples relating to these fundamental exercises will be explored in depth over 6 days. 

All Saints Hall, 85 Ocean Street, Woollahra 9:00am- 3:00pm Fees: $840 (includes GST). The class size will be limited to 12 places.  

Jennifer Keeler-Milne is a practising artist. Her large-scale charcoal drawings have been selected for 9 Dobell drawing prize exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and she is represented in two of Australia’s largest drawing collections: the Kedumba and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Jennifer is a qualified teacher and the founder of Dare to draw studio school. Jennifer has also taught at Sydney University, UTS, the National Art School and the AGNSW.

To enquire or register for this course contact:  

Jennifer Keeler-Milne on jkeelermilne@mac.com or telephone: 0418636975 

Enrolment accepted with payment only. A non refundable $200 deposit is required to secure your place, which will be deducted from the course fees. 

Dare to draw: a studio class

Most people want to learn how to draw. Prior to the development of large art schools, aspiring artists learnt the skills of drawing and painting in the intimate environment of an artist's studio (atelier). 

I have developed this model with classes limited to 12 students. These classes form a course titled Dare to Draw. Each class occurs once a week, for 5 hours.

My philosophy is that drawing is a language and in order to express yourself within this language: the basics need to be learnt, which is akin to learning grammar. Once the basics have been mastered, more possibilities of expression open up and the life long journey of making drawings unfolds. 

Dare to draw covers the skills and techniques in drawing of line, tone, mark making, composition and perspective, utilising a range of drawing media and papers. 

Each week a structured exercise is designed to explore:

  • observation drawing or experimental drawing
  • properties of black and white and colour
  • techniques of old masters
  • techniques of contemporary artists

Within this framework there are opportunities to learn, experiment, and discover the wonderful possibilities of daring to draw.

Dare to draw operates in Sydney and is currently fully subscribed.

For enquiries please feel free to email: jkeelermilne@mac.com