Jennifer Keeler-Milne creates opulent oil paintings and large scale charcoal drawings. Central to Keeler-Milne’s work is an enduring interest in light; in her drawings and canvases the artist represents light fading, dimming, refracting and even manmade light. Frequently heavily abstracted, Keeler-Milne’s works transcend their subject matter, conjuring the intangible in painted form or drawn line.

The artist’s paintings employ deep texture and dramatic chiaroscuro, often setting daubed bright colours against rich dark backgrounds. One gets the sense that her work is intuitive, layered compositions seem to be organically commenced and halted rather than contrived. Keeler-Milne is an artist who plays on our senses, conjuring schemes with a subtle vibrancy and energy. In a typical work multicoloured daubs of paint buzz across the dark field, like colliding fireflies competing for centre stage. And yet her work has a distinct sense of quiet and timelessness, conjuring a sense of the past in contemporary form.

Kate Bryan, Gallery director, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

February - March 2011